Game Designer’s Workshop: Interview with Jeff Barber

bp1A few months ago, Jeff Barber swung by Springfield to playtest his upcoming RPG, Upwind. He’s behind Blue Planet, a critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG about the colonization of an aquatic planet. I interviewed him about game design, the creation of Blue Planet, how Upwind came to be, and other topics. If you’re interested in Upwind, please check out our first AP of it here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Ross – it was great fun visiting with you guys, talking Upwind and playing some games.

    For those intrigued by Upwind, I will be at GenCon 2016 running lots of demos and would love to share the game with you. I will be at the RPPR meetup Friday night and would be psyched to chat about Upwind and game design.

    If you have a group attending the show and would like your own private demo of the new game, please email me at and we can schedule your own session.

    If you are interested in playing a demo but are running solo or have fluid plans, follow @BiohazardJeff on Twitter and I will be sharing times and locations for pick-up games.

  2. Blue Planet was one of the first RPGs I ever heard about. Back before I even knew what DnD was, when I was still a WH40K fan boy.

    I like stumbled across it going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. Was interesting hearing about it in context from it’s creator.

    Perhaps I should play it sometime. Upwind sounds interesting to obviously, I hope you guys do some more APs of it.

  3. Is there any no official material made by players that i could used ??

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