RPPR Episode 131: Brutalists Campaign Post-Mortem

red-markets-posterNews: Check out the Red Markets campaign page. All of the episodes of the campaign are linked for easy access.

Synopsis: The first Red Markets campaign is done, so we had to talk about it. Caleb, Aaron, Tom, David, and I talk about the concept for the campaign, how we came up with our characters, and what worked and didn’t work. Find out what rules changed in the game as a result of this campaign, what was unexpected and what our favorite moments were. It was a fun and lengthy discussion, so no shout outs or anything else with this episode. See you at Gen Con!

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  1. I forgot to mention how grateful I was that the ex-cons in JOLS were perfectly civil when treated with civility. particularly in our mass incarceration state (somehow I doubt that that got fixed in the Red Markets version of the future, although I’m cautiously optimistic about real life), the idea that “prisoner = violent and dangerous” is just painfully wrong to the point of deep social irresponsibility. I had to stop playing The Division because it wore its politics on its sleeve, doubtless denying it had any, while simultaneously blaring the most repugnant view of society and state use of force I could imagine.

    it didn’t help that it was super dull but the obscene politics were the main thing

  2. Well, it WAS based off a Tom Clancy idea, so super dull with obscene politics is pretty much baked in.

    Also, I really to see that mural in the book, or maybe a ripoff of the LeRoi Neiman painting of Rocky vs. Apollo Creed painting, only Malleus vs. Punchbot.

  3. I jokingly referred to the Division as “Tom Clancy’s Class Warfare” when I first started playing until I realized how uncomfortably on-point that description was.

    Is there also going to be a post-mortem on Fallen Flag after the episodes are posted on the Actual Play site?

  4. I loved hearing about how the Mauve Hand was influenced by the rolls. Maybe an optional rule where you roll on / select from a table to determine the reason you are/aren’t okay with what happened when self control rolls are made is in order? 🙂

  5. For Fallout the evil Brotherhood of Steel started/took off in Tactics.

    I like Mauve’s back story and Malleus’ epilogue.

    A thing I’ve been thinking about between this and Fallen Flag is the time passing part. In The Bruealists Caleb often set each job weeks apart while Fallen Flag seemed to jump from one to the next. Was this even a choice or just different GM’s saying different words?

  6. I really loved this game and I really loved this Post Mortem. Great conversations and table talk. I really loved how Caleb described his experience GMing, especially how he was so out of his element. I do think it greatly improved the game.

    I liked hearing the epilogues of all the characters, and that this puts the book-end on the campaign and I think it is a very good end.

    Also, a shout out to David for playing my favorite character. I was pretty hard on him for how freaking stone cold evil his character was, and how David played him so convincingly. I hated him when he killed that kid. I hated David for it! He was a monster, but I really loved all the RP David did. Good, bad he was always interesting, and he always came through for everyone. I was excited to hear that you played him based on your self-control rolls, because I saw it and caught it, especially in the Starbucks vignette. I love his retirement as well. He is a great character and he knew deep down there was no retirement, because he was too far gone. Just love it!

    Another shout out for Aaron. You don’t get enough credit for playing a character with an arc. You had a great one. You laid it out perfectly in the Post Mortem. Thinking to the finale, I really see that moment where I.P. is on watch, hears the tank, sees what’s coming and comes out of that shit storm alive, hacks-in and disrupts U’s signals which may have saved all the Taker’s lives. I.P. came out a man. He paid back his crew for all the favors they’ve done for him. It was one of my favorite moments.

    Though honestly, I seriously loved the hell out of all these characters. Just got a get a taker group together and venture out into the Loss and tell my own story.

    Peace out guys.

  7. The way Caleb describes his philosophy for the Brutalists campaign (build around the mechanics that need testing) gave me an idea: a game run for newbies, with every session built around showcasing a new mechanic and helping the newbies master it. Sort of an extended tutorial, with short sessions of maybe an hour or two each.

  8. Realized I hadn’t listened to the post-mortem yet. Rectified. 🙂

    There were some rough spots, but I didn’t expect perfection in a playtest campaign. Nevertheless, it was a very good, entertaining campaign. I did love the characters, and.. RIP Drift!

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