RPPR Episode 156: Origins 2018 Wrap Up


Synopsis: Caleb and I (along with Sara who is not on this episode) went to Origins for the first time. Caleb ran Red Markets and Party Fowl while I just attended as a carefree con goer. We both had a good time, bought way too many games, and learned how Origins is different than Gen Con. Some (but not all) of the games we discuss include:

Thanks to all the listeners who met us at Origins, especially those who donated beer for the Mixed Six podcast.

Song: Summer’s End by Aekasora

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  1. When you do Warhammer 40K, you can’t let Caleb get away with playing a space marine. I have never heard a podcaster more obviously born to play a commissar of the Imperial Guard.

  2. I need to know what Caleb will create with Microscope! It’s my favorite story game and he’s my favorite storyteller.

  3. Caleb, Glad to see you needed to build a new shelf for your collection. The addiction is in full strength.

    I found the Terraforming Mars needed help with the players boards. I bought Game Trayz. They are vacuum formed plastic trays so that all the cubes have their own slot. They were much cheaper then Broken Token. You can get the Game Trayz on BGG Geek Store.

  4. Looking forward to Ross’ rant about playing 40k. Anticipating so much schadenfreude.

  5. Yeah for smart decisions! Playing RM was absolutely the highlight of my con.

  6. TI3 is a long game but high medium weight. If you don’t have differences in troop water usage based on who eats pasta, you aren’t obsessively detailed enough

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