RPPR Episode 157: Our Pre Gen Con 2018 Show

RPPR and the Mixed Six are going to be at Gen Con this year with multiple events! We have panels, games, and seminars for our fans. Caleb and I talk about them with special guest Maddy.

If you are a $10 backer or above for the RPPR Patreon, you can join in an exclusive game run by Bridget! She is running 3 games for backers. Get on the RPPR Discord on channel #bridget-gencon-games for details! Not on our Discord but a patron of RPPR? Read this article to join the server.

We have also planned to record a Zweihander game run by the game’s creator Daniel Fox.

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  1. Times have changed. I remember having lunch at the Ram the first year Gen Con the first year it was in Indianapolis: someone said “Let’s go to this Ram place I’ve heard about”, we walked down the street, in the door, and we were seated in minutes without a reservation.

  2. Container is a reprint. The first print run was by Valley Games out of Canada. That company is out of business. The ships in that edition were much smaller and made from soapstone. The new edition is twice as large with large blocky wooden ships.

    I am also interested in the Terraforming Mars digital version. Strange that we had video games that were made into board games ,now there are board games turning into video games, but if you think about it the same design steps go into both.

  3. David is such a sweetheart!

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