What is a Mega Game at PAX South 2020

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Synopsis: What is a Mega Game? Mega Games are a mash-up of Traditional Roleplaying Games, Board Games, and LARP, with a bit of war-gaming thrown in to spice things up. They are large scale activities played in one session over several hours, involving as few as twenty and as many as hundreds of different players.

This panel was recorded at PAX South 2020 and hosted by Dallas Mega Games.

Panelists below the fold.

Lee Yancy [Co-Founder, Dallas Mega Games], Logan Doty [Co-Founder, Dallas Mega Games], Jason Cook [Lead Control, Dallas Mega Games], Brian Parker [Lead Control, Dallas Mega Games], Joanna Yancy [Designer, Dallas Mega Games], Nick Alqhuist [Control, Dallas Mega Games]

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  1. This is timely. There’s a megagame being run in March that I’m thinking of taking part in.

    It’s a zombie apocalypse game being held at the Diefenbunker (I posted some photos from a visit there on the old RPPR forums a couple of years ago).

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