Pixel 2 Paper: Quake 1 Part 1 – Retrospective

My friend Chris (the voice of Ab3 in our early radio plays and a cool guy on Twitter) had an idea for a new series on RPPR. Tabletop RPGs have influenced video games since their creation. Video games have influenced tabletop RPGs for a while as well. In Pixel 2 Paper, we will focus on specific video games and their connection to tabletop RPGs. In the first episode, we will look at the video game, then in the second episode, we will do an actual play of a tabletop RPG linked to the video game and in the third episode, we’ll talk about both.

For our first game, we’re looking at Quake 1, the influential FPS from Id Software with Lovecraftian undertones. Its story is barely more complex than its color palette, but its incredible action and innovations changed video games forever. (On another note, I talked about the Quake 1 soundtrack on my other podcast, Night Clerk Radio, so check out that too!)

Listen to part 2, our actual play of Slipgate Chokepoint, here.

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  1. Thanks! Part 2, Slipgate Chokepoint went up on early access today.

  2. I suspect that most pc games that didn’t load game data from cd or required it for copy protection would play any music CD.

    All the binary data is in track 1, and a lot of games just put their big music on the disc as regular music from track 2 onward

  3. John Carmack was my Dungeons and Dragons DM in 1989ish, and Quake was an NPC in our game. We didn’t stay in touch after that, but my understanding was that Quake was originally conceptualized as more of a fantasy game rather than the sci-fi game.

    Also, John was very nice, and yes being very smart gave him a decently large ego. He funded a rocket program for a while, but did not turn into Jeff Bezos.

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