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The Hulk has arrived!

The Goblin Hulk has dropped anchor! Weighing in at over 17,000 words, this campaign sourcebook details the inner workings of the goblin hulk, a massive ship supporting an entire horde, bent on despoiling and looting everything of value in the new world.  Learn the secrets of the engineers and shamans who keep the ship running and the machinations of the merchants and chieftains who run the infamous bazaar on the hulk’s top deck. Everything is for sale on the hulk and its visitors include everyone from the vilest demons to the most ruthless mercenaries. This sourcebook also includes 3 adventure frameworks, 5 new monsters, 2 new templates and more! While this is statted for 4E adventures, the majority of its material is stat free and can easily be used for any fantasy adventure RPG.

Thanks to all the RPPR listeners who contributed to the ransom to make this possible and to the artists who added their work to this sourcebook!


The Paragon Tier begins!

A year has passed since the destruction of the thieves’ guild. The Water Barons now control Border Town, the second settlement of the colonial government. With their new power comes new challenges and new allies. A dragonborn sorcerer joins their ranks, played by Bill. What else happens? You need to listen to find out.

The New World Campaign has continued on the RPPR Actual Play Podcast. Get a complete episode listing here.

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Apologies to MSpaint adventures!
Apologies to MSpaint adventures!

It’s time for the final battle between the Thieves Guild and the heroic ragtag army of underdogs (i.e. the players)! Who will live? Who will die? Who will die, then live because the players bitch enough to make me change my ruling? Find out in Episode 12