In case you missed it: Fear Itself Actual Play

As an experiment, I posted two actual plays on Oct 22. However, most of you didn’t realize that. So, I am reposting the Fear Itself Actual Play so those of you who subscribe via Itunes and other RSS podcatchers will get it. If you already downloaded the Fear Itself AP, do not download this.

This Fear Itself game is a follow up, based on the aftermath of Profane Miracles using the Fear Itself RPG. A new drug appears in the LA ghettos, one that transforms innocent humans into ravenous monsters. Two normal residents, a priest and a loner try to survive the horrors of the streets and the things the lurk in the shadows.

If either game interests you, take a look at the Pelgrane Press GUMSHOE website for more info.

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  1. Did the guy running the Fear Itself scenario write it? I was curious, because there was one moment that really seemed like a cool horror moment and I wanted to compliment him if that was the case. When the one guy asks “what did he give you” and the player answers “lighter fluid,” and then he says “he gave me a knife” and shows that he’s no longer bound by the duct tape and attacks the player with the knife, that was really great. Also, was this the continuation of a previous storyline with these characters? I was wondering what the deal was between the one guy and the woman he tells he can never talk to her again (the one that he discovers he’s engaged to when he goes back in time the second time around). Final thought: these playthroughs really illustrated the advice given in the previous podcast that it’s important for players not to joke around too much in order to create a proper horror mood. The Esoterrorists playthru wasn’t frightening, in large part it seemed as if there was way too much joking around that deflated the mood. Anyhoo, that’s it. Keep up the good work. I discovered your show on iTunes at random after trying a lot of different RPG shows and disliking most of them. Yours stood out as smarter than most.

  2. I agree with Sammy about the “He gave me a knife” comment. That was my favorite part of this actual play. Great work guys!

    As for the joking around, I struggle with that myself, even when trying to make things scary as I’m a cut up by nature.

  3. Author

    I wrote the scenario. It was a continuation of the plot from Profane Miracles as this scenario dealt with the occult drug being distributed into the community and transforming dozens of junkies into monsters.

    Cody told the woman they can never talk again because he realized he was doomed and didn’t want to get her involved.

    Thanks for the comments. Hopefully we will have an equally horrific actual play soon (got a game planned this week).

  4. If you like zombies, like Saun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 days later, etc.

    Look for Deadset, by Charlie Brooker, E4 channel, British TV. Just watched first episode Monday and it was excellent. 5 episodes leading up to Halloween on Friday.

    Hope the rest keep up the standard.

  5. Author

    Zombies? Welp, that’s enough for me to watch it. Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t heard of it until now.

  6. Awesome AP. As a side note when you write your scenarios are your notes like bullet points that you expand and improve based on player imput? Its just that i get that kind of impresion from this play and the End Of The World Scenario.

  7. Author

    My game notes are pretty sparse, with only the major areas highlighted. However, I usually have some ideas in my head on where I want the game to go. But yeah, I seldom write out an entire scenario unless I’m preparing it for publication.

  8. I liked this game a lot! Most especially, I like the aspect of having “regular people” PCs.
    Tangent question(s), though I might’ve missed the explaination, I mostly listen to these podcasts while driving: Do the blood corpse zombie critters molt? Who (or what) stole the skin that Nick found?

  9. I also enjoyed this session. The more I listen to you guys game, the more jealous I become that you and Tom and the rest of your gamers have such a great group of people to game with. Cody cracks me up!

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