RPPR Actual Play Double Feature Halloween Special: Esoterrorists and Fear Itself

Esoterrorists: Profane Miracles

Players: Tom, Cody and Dan.

Synopsis: The first Actual Play is with this published scenario from Pelgrane Press, using the Esoterrorists RPG. Jonathan Bentley, millionaire financier, has been raised from the dead at a Los Angeles charity ball by self-styled “psychic to the stars” Cassandra Madrigal. Is Bentley really alive, or in some other state? What is his wife Grace’s involvement. Is Madrigal an agent of of esoterror, and how deep does the conspiracy go? Your team must move from the opulence of high society, to the dangers of The Core and Skid row, to mansions and hospitals. If you can avoid heavily armed criminals and survive the machinations of esoterror agents unscathed, it will be a miracle in itself.

The second game is a follow up, based on the aftermath of Profane Miracles using the Fear Itself RPG. A new drug appears in the LA ghettos, one that transforms innocent humans into ravenous monsters. Two normal residents, a priest and a loner try to survive the horrors of the streets and the things the lurk in the shadows.

If either game interests you, take a look at the Pelgrane Press GUMSHOE website for more info.

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  1. Very nice, both of them.

    Esoterrorists: Just great fun, that. I really liked the plot, and a, considering getting the book. Question though, is the book itself only for ‘Gumshoe’?

    Fear Itself: This was much more akin to horror, including a not very nice ending. I loved the characters, and you do indeed, Ross, do a great job at portraying people who are just batshit.
    Though I really want to know what Jim was…he seemed a very ‘Satan-esque’ character…

  2. The blowfish crashbaby or the rich old man?

    I side with Cody on this one. I would’ve saved the man.

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