RPPR Actual Play: Tom’s Call of Cthulhu WW2 playtest

Tom, the co-host of RPPR has long since been a featured player in the actual plays but the table have now been turned.  In his first ever game of Call of Cthulhu, he pits a group of German soldiers against the horrors of a Nazi experiment gone wrong. In the winter. In a remote base. With little chance of escaping. Thanks a lot Tom.

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  1. Boom! A Tom CoC actual play! I have it loaded onto my iPod now, and will enjoy it at work today. Thanks guys for making my Friday perfect.

  2. Excellent episode. Was this a published adventure, or Church original?

  3. Oh man, this is awesome. The players played well, the scenario played perfectly. It was build it up, lean in, and wham! Then ease off, then wham! Awesome!
    And I loved the accidents, voices are a big part of play for me.
    I am very, very impressed Tom. Your near constant self-deprication had me convinced you couldn’t do it and damn was I ever wrong. Great work.

  4. Where am I?

    Oh wait . . . that is from a different time.

  5. *gives Tom a big hug*

    You mah hero!

  6. Great scenario, Tom! I’m afraid I’ll have to steal it!

  7. I really should post more comments on your stuff because I love it all. But this one was drizzled with awesome sauce! I to loved it so much I had to steal it for an Saga Edition game and….my players are freaked the F out and we’re only half way through!

  8. Excellent Cthulhu game! I am a first-time listener and I’m certainly hooked. Tom— your GM skills are excellent! The research, time, and effort you put into this game shone through. Any chance you’d post your game notes, intro handout (the mission details), character details, and/or area maps for this session? I’d love to check things out from behind the GM screen.

  9. tom, great job. love the play, the pcs were great. deffently up there in best horror play sessions on the site.

  10. Ug, couldn’t make it through this one. I had to turn it off. I’m sure it was interesting, but it was so mono-tone and monotonous…. It was missing some of the voice inflection and excitement that some of the other actual plays had.

  11. I appreciate the comments everyone. I wish I had some notes for the game, but all I had written down were the stats for the various monsters. Everything else was all in my head.

    I will post the handouts though. You know, since you asked and …stuff.

  12. Still, it is nice to see that all the time I have spent over the years learning about World War II paid off.

  13. Tom,
    I gone half way through the podacst, and all I have say is what else do you have to offer us in CoC community, you have done a great job. I been wanting to run CoC in the WWII years ever since the Delta Green books came out, but I was never been able to come up with any good story line I feel folws well. Can you give out some pointers to help.

  14. I loved the way that Tom’s characters seemed so oblivious to the horrors around them… well, there was Lutz. Other than that, it was a great game. I just got finished listening. The most memorable bit to me was the encounter in the mess hall. Some cthulu possessed nazi’s head pivoting 360 degrees on his neck!? Yeah, freaky deaky shit!
    Ross cracks me up, I loved his back seat GM’ing… Another great game, another 4 hours well spent. Thanks for your efforts Tom!!

  15. As a consummate sycophant, this episode has done nothing to decrease the unhealthy amount of adoration I have for TOMMMMM.

  16. Loved it Cant wait to hear more

  17. Great scenario and really well run guys! You chucked in some great content Tom. I’d would love to run this scenario. The WW2 setting really added something. Well done guys.

  18. AWESOME!!! Really hoping for notes, summaries what have you. Great job, and great fun to listen to

  19. Aww man, I was really enjoying the adventure, but then I noticed Tom going “he says” before NPCs say anything. My brain zeroed in on it to the point that I could hear nothing else. Weird.

  20. Sorry about that. Just one of those verbal tics that come out without my knowledge. Especially in a system I’m running for the first time. Or maybe the act of saying “he says” somehow ups the levels of endorphins in my brain, giving me a brief moment of euphoria.

    Who knows…

  21. I noticed that also, he dose it in the other actual plays. It must have been something for him to keep in character

  22. It could help get into character, especially with multiple NPCs to handle, or it could be part of that third person/first person divide that some RPG books talk about. Since Tom doesn’t do a lot of voices, and his characters seem to act like he does (or does on the podcast, at least), “he says” puts distance between him and the characters.

    Or maybe I’m reading to much into it. Hell, it’s just gaming.

  23. Considering the style of actual plays here, how they’re not rehearsed, I think people should be more forgiving of verbal tics.

    I actually prefer this one to the second actual play of this scenario. It feels like it flows a little more naturally.

    Great job, guys 🙂

  24. Oh, that was great. I really, really want to run this now. I hope you get it published in monograph form by Chaosium. If not, you should upload it to yog-sothoth.com.

  25. Hey. I actually listened to this AP twice and still absolutely love it. Always thought CoC is boring, clues and investigation kind of game, but for the first time somebody showed me CoC as real, believable horror game. My players will play this very same scenario this friday and I hope it’ll go well. Anyways, love to listen to you guys and keep it going. You have fans in Poland as well:)

  26. This was great! Is there a seconed part? I can’t seem to find it and I really want to finish this. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

  27. Great work I was totally hooked. I layed down and listened to it last night I was a little jumpy until this morning. I loved the voices and you guys’ personality. You guys should Definately get together and do some more scenarios.

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