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RPPR Episode 87: Fantasy with a Horror Chaser

Pure vintage RPPRNews: Actual Play fans can rejoice! RPPR B-Sides provides early access to archived and unaired AP episodes that will NEVER make the AP podcast. Check out RPPR B-Sides to learn more. In other news, we’ve redesigned Role Playing Public Radio and will eventually get to RPPR Actual Play. The design is not 100% final, so there may be tweaks here and there.

Also, Base Raiders is still in production.

Finally, the Know Evil Fan Creation Contest ended, so check out this post on the RPPR forums to see who won! We would like to thank everyone who entered but we only had 5 posters to give away.

Synopsis: Mixing genres in games (like fantasy and horror) can be fun but it can also turn your game into a mess. Tom and I discuss how we approach genre mashups and what kind of pitfalls we have learned to avoid. Tom provides examples of his own campaigns and I pontificate like the published author (and horrible monster) that I am. You know, the usual stuff we do for episodes.

Instead of a letter, I give an extended review of Grimoires, an excellent history of books of magic and how real life books of magic can be great game fodder for many kinds of role playing games. As an example, check out the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses. It’s a public domain grimoire so feel free to use parts of it as a handout for your next horror game or whatever.

Finally we have shout outs and an anecdote, as always!

Shout Outs:

Song: Creepy Doll by Jonathan Coulton

RPPR Episode 86: Know Evil Post Mortem

News: If you’re a fan of Eclipse Phase, check out the Kickstarter for the next Eclipse Phase book, Transhuman. Don’t forget about the Know Evil Fan Creation Contest. The deadline for entries is May 10.

Synopsis: After the conclusion of Caleb’s epic Know Evil campaign, Tom and I wanted to hash out how the campaign came to be, what changed during play, and what lessons were learned from it. It’s not often a role playing campaign ends with such a satisfying conclusion, so we wanted to make sure you would have a ‘director’s commentary’ for Know Evil. We also have shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout Outs

  • Spaceteam: hilariously fun iOS game – command a spaceship with randomly generated controls and yell at your friends! A winning combination.
  • Elder Sign: New Cthulhu Mythos based dice and iOS game – like Arkham Horror but with more randomness and quicker pace.
  • Gloom – Edward Gorey meets card game strategy – the most miserable and dead family wins.
  • Rot and Ruin: YA horror novel series. It turns out life after the zombie apocalypse is not all that fun.
  • Prophet: Crazy ass science fiction comic. MEATPUNK.
  • Glory: Even Rob Liefeld original characters can be redeemed.
  • The Apple: A 1980 sci-fi musical biblical allegory. Hooray for Rifftrax!

Music: Eclipse by Perturbator