Preview of the Goblin Hulk – The Albino Grippli

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Dark cousins to the grippli, these degenerate creatures worship a dark nameless entity – perhaps an ancient god whose name was forgotten by civilized man or a demon lord so corrupting that even to name it is to grant it power. The albino grippli have wormed their way ever closer to the surface and are now ready to strike. While their ultimate plans are unknown, they have sent many scouts and agents into the surface world to learn of it and to establish footholds. These agents are sly creatures, adept at blades, subterfuge but most importantly they are masters of hypnotism.

A single scout can hypnotize dozens or even hundreds of weak-willed creatures and organize them into a secretive cult that obeys only the albino’s commands. With these lackeys, the albino can subvert the local powers that be and prepare the way for the rest of his kin to invade. That’s what’s happening onboard the goblin hulk. In the bottom deck of the hulk, a lone albino grippli has started a small cult among the goblins. He wants to take over the hulk and has found the goblins to be the perfect minions. They are ruthless, easy to hypnotize and totally expendable. No one misses a goblin if breaks the hypnosis or has outlived its usefulness. Despite these advantages, the albino’s cult is still small and vulnerable if it is detected by the goblin shamans or chieftains of the upper decks.

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  1. I loved the goblins war mountain of the sea (my words lol). I have love goblins from day one of my D&D life. I have worked years over there kind and love the race as the faces of D&D. I want to have you look over a few things I have created just because of this campaign addition my name is chase Almeida or you may also know me as Ryth Rift Runner. But early look. Facebook at Chase Almeida. Don’t let this conversation go by. Thank you for this opportunity a again agean the hulk is one of the greatest things goblin hands ever made.

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