RPPR Actual Play: 4E DnD – The New World Game 3

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons
The New World Campaign- NSFW!

GM: Ross Payton

Players: Tom, Cody, Jason and Dan

Synopsis: The adventurers have gained some new friends, a tribe of grippli. They’ve also made some new enemies, the thieves guild.  Furthermore, a horde of goblins has arrived in the new world, their massive hulk anchored in the bay. The goblins seem content to work as laborers for the colony but who knows how long that will last? The party starts their new business as water barons selling precious H20 to the settlers. They also decide to try to sign a peace treaty with the Black Raven tribe. Oh and there’s a giant lobster monster named Pinchy, a dwarven cartographer, snotty noblewoman, Cordelia and a goblin ambush. Plus all four players are together for the first time in the campaign!  Oh and this is still very not safe for work.

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  1. another great AP. I love the characters love of the grippli and the logic that they love them cause they are not assholes too them.

  2. Lol nice sesion.
    Like the gooving of 😛

  3. Yeah, “game logic” is an amazing thing isn’t it. I love how every group of players needs their token goblin underling. I mean, a game just isn’t a game without your “token” goblin. Ross plays the goblin so well.
    Cody cracks me up. I was laughing so hard that my co-workers were asking me what I was laughing about. I love Tom’s deadpan portrayal of his character! All in all, a great session guys, can’t wait for the next one!

  4. It’s business time….
    It’s business time….
    You know what they mean when they say it’s time for business? It’s business time.

    Great AP guys! Even better than the previous one. Ross is really great when he gets into his NPCs, Cody drops the Flight of the Conchords reference, and everyone really gets into it.

  5. You guys have spoiled me. The first actual play I ever listened to was one of you guys. Thinking all other actual plays would be of similar quality, I went to a few other sites, and have been disappointed. This was one of the classics.

  6. Great to listen to, just like last time. My favorite part was the underwater combat: “That’s my boy!” I listened to that part on my MP3 player and my girlfriend thought I was nuts when I suddenly started laughing loud enough to hear from the other room.
    Everyone is really interesting in character and Cody and Dan seem to really like combat. Tom doesn’t use any of Fighter powers as far as I can tell and Jason doesn’t say as much. Ross your attitude in combat can be a mood killer sometimes, particularly in the Goblin encounter. You came across as being pretty petty in parts.
    That said, outside of combat everything is pure gold. I am honestly amazed (as a 4e DM myself) with what you’ve done with the fairly vague dungeon master options. I’ve been trying to adopt a similar style in my game and its worked very, very well so far.

  7. I’m not sure but I really liked the story about Ross’ brother’s snake accidentally killing the mouse.

  8. oh wow, that was amazing, guys!
    every one of y’all’s actual plays makes my whole day.

  9. You guys are classy. Especially Cody. The bit about the kobold having the key to the bathroom but having to get a special kind of cheese to win him over made me laugh.

  10. You think we would have thought of getting the dwarf drunk much earlier than we did. Damn but we are stupid.

  11. I love the actual play stuff you guys do. I would tune in just for that! The campaign isn’t a stock one, the interactions are hilarious but still move the plot forward. There are a couple other shows that do the introspective, metagaming talk-about-game things, but no one does actual play as well as you guys.

  12. The description of the drunk Dwarven cartographer cracked me up. “…and where I’d put ‘here be monsters’, that’s where the monsters would be…”

    Ross, you play the NPCs so well. 😀

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