RPPR Episode 141: Out of the Can

News: We are running a giveaway of five copies of Rise of the Dungeon Master, a graphic novel biography of Gary Gygax. If you want to enter, post a picture of your favorite D&D character sheet in the comments or tweet it @rosspayton with the hashtag #DnDRPPRCharacterSheet. We will pick the winners on May 10.

Synopsis: Running published (or canned) adventures is often fun but challenging. Dan, Tom, and I discuss what we like in published scenarios. I focus on the last six Delta Green scenarios I ran from our recent Working Group Icarus campaign from Kali Ghati to Observer Effect. There will be no post mortem of Icarus because they were just published scenarios strung together but this is as close as we’ll get to it. We also have shout outs and anecdotes!

Shout Outs

  • Rise of the Dungeon Master: A fascinating look into the life of D&D’s creators and how the game came to be.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: New season is finally on Netflix! Check it out!
  • Radio Free Deimos: A HC SVNT Dracones podcast
  • Microscope: A RPG/storytelling game about creating a civilization or community.
  • Conan Exiles: A survival action game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian.
  • Gantz 0: A CGI animated sci-fi horror movie based on a long running manga series. Shit is nuts.
  • Stellaris: A 4X sci-fi computer game from Paradox.
  • X-Risks: The newest Eclipse Phase book is now out in print!
  • Bestiary 6: I haven’t had time to review it yet but it does have stats for Krampus. He is CR 21.

Song: Midnight Resurrection by The Hunt

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  1. an idea I just had about a DG campaign is you could start it off with a star chamber-esgue scenario where the PC’s have to pass judgement on a group of agents that have gone through some shit and follow it up with adventures specificly making the players question the judgement they made against those agents.

    Could be neat.

  2. Hey Dan, I’m available for editing duties; your scenario should be released into the wilds! The fans desire to give you monies!

  3. If you’d like to use Microscope to build a setting for an RPG, there’s an expansion called Microscope Explorer that has a chapter specifically about doing that. It also has some alternate gametypes about building family trees and focusing on smaller locations.

  4. In defense of Last things last it was a shotgun scenario.

  5. Author

    Not sure, I think we made it up. I remember using it for the Jovian section of our Eclipse Phase campaign Duality.

  6. Alright Ross, I just sent my first tweet ever (thanks to you), with a pic of my character sheet. I am posting this message because it might not have worked.

  7. One element of Last Things Last that I was trying to set up was foreshadowing the thanklessness and probable misery of a DG op. Even one who survived to reach a ripe old age and die of natural causes was alienated from his family and inescapably burdened by this time with the group. I hope it works better in an actual campaign rather than an ersatz one. Regardless, I enjoyed hearing the crew run through it.

    Also the footlocker is basically a “dump plot seeds here” invitation. 😉

  8. Yes, that is mine

  9. I give you… Garret Nimble.


    Also known as the gold standard of what a rogue ought to act like among my real life tabletop group, to the extent other players have produced copycat Garrets since.

    He was my first – and, on account of getting locked into the GM slot, definitely my last – 3rd Ed DnD character to be played for more than two sessions. He is also the only character I’ve played who’s tried to, and gotten away with both IC and OOC, keeping loot from the rest of the party (in order to finance his quest for a riding pony).

    I still fondly remember a dungeon crypt we entered having a corridor being described as filled with stacked-up coffins and corpses, at which point I cheerfully commented “Well, this is a dead end.”

    We had to revive the GM, he was laughing so much.

  10. Author

    Jebbo and Scribbley: you both win a copy! Email rpprpodcast at gmail with your mailing address.

  11. Thanks Ross! Glad you liked that old character sheet. The book already arrived! Good read.

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