Game Design Workshop Panel at Gen Con 2018

Caleb Stokes, Jeff Barber, and I discuss our current work in game design at this panel, recorded at Gen Con 2018. I talk about the current state of Ruin, my architectural horror RPG, Caleb talks about Red Markets, and Jeff talks about Upwind. We also answer questions from the audience, trying to help them with their current design problems.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout for Red Markets Black Death! And I’m excited to play Ben’s Red Money, sounds like a super cool hack.

  2. I have to admit, I wasn’t especially interested in the War stretch goal for Red Markets based on all the other mass combat rules I’d seen. But the realization that mass combat should be *more* abstracted than small scale combat and build on a negotiation-type give and take makes it actually sound appealing. The anecdotes from the playtest also sounded engaging and tense.

    I always enjoy hearing how Ruin is coming along. The “language of the unnatural space” idea is compelling. Does Ruin adapt any existing rules (Gumshoe, etc) or is it a new system at this point?

  3. Author

    Ruin is a new system at this point. Couldn’t get gumshoe to work.

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