RPPR Episode 164: Railroading Off the Cliff

News: We have a new series on the RPPR Patreon called Mashup Mayhem. We take different things and mash them together to make RPGs. Our latest episode merges the AvP franchise with the Cthulhu mythos.

In tabletop RPG industry news, a game designer, Zak Smith, has been accused of sexual assault and abuse by four women, including his former partner, Mandy Morbid. I believe them. He has been banned from Gen Con. Please do not buy any of his books. Much more information can be found here.

Synopsis: Railroading is a problem for the table. Whether it’s the GM railroading the players or a player railroading the rest of the table by refusing to engage with the premise, it makes the game not as fun as it could be. Bill, David, and I join with special guest Rob from the Orpheus Protocol to talk about railroading. Be sure to check out the same page tool and the X card.

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Song: Breakway by Starfarer

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  1. So, what is on the list of “David, remember, normal people don’t do that” ? It was eluded to, but I feel it needs more spotlight.

  2. Fridrik, here’s what’s on my “At Work” list; please keep in mind that the list is a living document and subject to continual review/editing. I doubt that the list will ever go away, nor will many of these items become normal for other people.

    David, Normal People Don’t _________

    Own multiple suits
    -in colors other than black
    -especially their own tuxedo
    Own multiple kimono-style robes
    -WEAR said kimono-style robes as housecoats
    -regardless of how ‘Comfy’ they are
    Own multiple canes
    -need to sort canes by “have swords” and “do not have swords”
    Own *A* sword
    -much less enough to coordinate blades with costumes
    -know that a blade, naked or not, is not allowed at any convention anywhere anymore but still maintain the collection because ‘swords are still cool’
    Wear cloaks
    -no matter how practical you make it sound
    -not even if they are ‘classy as heck’
    Get mistaken for an angel
    -especially multiple times
    Get mistaken for a pimp
    -especially multiple times
    Get referred to as a Guru
    -due to exhaustive, almost encyclopedic knowledge on a subject
    -Especially regarding multiple subjects
    Engage in conversation with strangers
    -and be completely comfortable doing so, to the point of making the stranger comfortable as well.
    Get identified in a crowd
    -Especially in a full convention hall
    -Especially in a STADIUM
    Make lists of ways they are abnormal.
    -NEED to make a list of ways they’re different
    -have the self-awareness to know they are violating societal norms daily, yet still have the self-actuality to continue the violation; in other words to care but still not give a $#!+
    Hear squirrels running across the roof and automatically calculate the possibility of ninjas
    -have a “Ninja preparedness kit” ready in case the sum of the above is greater than zero
    Have contingency plans in case of supernatural creatures
    -including silver and the ability to cast bullets
    -including holy water
    -include a chessboard ‘and a plan to chat up Death whilst we play’
    Have “bayonets” growing on the ends of their fingers
    -use said fingernails to open boxes, pull tape off, or loosen screws

  3. @david

    Good list. I especially like the how the sword cane collection and the more then 0% possibility of ninjas work well together.

    How many of the kimonos are purple ?

  4. @ Fridrik

    All of them have purple, black, or both. They are not all the same purple either, so one’s more maroon while the older one is purple-purple. The black one is more off-black, kind of a charcoal, but that’s aging and fading.

    The Ninja Preparedness Kit does include a blade, and the one I’m actually most proficient with is the better sword cane.

  5. Love the conversation about railroading and how it can be a fun-killer. Great show everyone!

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