Game Design Workshop Panel at Gen Con 2019

Three game designers discuss their current projects and answer audience questions at Gen Con 2019. Find out about the new edition of Blue Planet, the latest from Red Markets, and more!


Ross Payton
Jeff Barber – Get the Quickstart guide for Blue Planet: Recontact for free!
Caleb Stokes – Get Trabajo now!

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  1. Ross: wondering what you meant when you mentioned trying to find “realistic architectural drawings”? Would these drawings be for use as realistic-looking props to hand out to players for verisimilitude? Off the top of my head, that’s the best use I can think of for actual architectural drawings in an rpg.

    Architectural working drawings have a lot of information on them that would be useless as rpg “maps” and could also be missing information that folks might ordinarily expect to see on an rpg map. E.g.: I’ve worked on the drawings for industrial buildings where almost none of the industrial machinery that would be housed in those buildings were shown (in either the architectural or mechanical drawings), and so you wouldn’t find that kind of information in the building permit records at city hall.

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