RPPR Episode 175: Itch.io

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Synopsis: Itch.io is an indie game storefront that has recently expanded to physical games like RPGs and card games. As a competitor to DrivethruRPG, Itch.io has attracted a variety of indie tabletop games, including ones that you can’t find on DrivethruRPG. Kyle from Best Pal Brigade, David, and I talk about the tabletop PDF marketplace and review a bunch of games:

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  1. Heh, first time I heard about itch.io was during the Emotional Mecha Jam; which is where Dusk to Midnight came from (and I think I actually read about it on G+ first).

    And I would definitely be interested in an episode about the drivethrurpg “guilds”.

  2. Sign me up for critique of RPG publishing “guilds”.

  3. Likewise, I’d be really interested in an analysis of the DriveThru guilds. Comparing and contrasting them with some of the open license agreements would also be helpful.

    Great overview on itch.io, and these games all sounded excellent. Crash Pandas seems like a great one-shot game.

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