We’re back on track for more comedy for you. Next week, we’ll have more from the Eye of Argon. We’ve also uploaded all of our works on this website so you don’t need to access filecloud anymore. Let us know if a link isn’t working.

Do you wish you could have better luck with your dice? DPSU can give you that luck! Listen in to find how you go from a natural 1 botch to a Nat 20 critical hit. Stop letting the GM push you around. Get the dice that can get the job done.

Written by Tom Church
Performed and edited by the RPPR staff

America is divided in two camps, the red and the blue. This cannot stand. Take control as the leader of either side and fight for control over the fate of the USA! Build legions of soldiers, from rednecks in pick up trucks or disgruntled suburban teens. In the end, only side will prevail. Will it be yours?

Written by Patrick Seth Williams
Edited by Chris Farmer
Performed by RPPR