RPPR Episode 95: Historical Histronics

This was basically me the entire episodeNews: The RPPR Actual Play podcast has a new look. Thanks to KC Green for the banner! Be sure to check out his webcomic, Gun Show. We also have new content on the Base Raiders website, including a character creation survival guide.

Synopsis: Research is an important part of game design, especially when writing historical scenarios. We invited Adam Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing to talk about research and game design, starting with his work on Cold Dead Hand, now available in The Unspeakable Oath #23. Tom, Scott, and I had a long ranging discussion that went over many topics related to history and research, so we didn’t have time for letters or anecdotes. I will list a few resources mentioned in the episode though.

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  1. Shit. It’s almost like Ross listens to his audiance. I feel powerfull.

  2. Does that picture show Adam Scott Glancy?

  3. Just finished listening.
    *Golf Clap*

  4. Great guest, questionable interview. Why ask questions if you won’t stop talking to let your guest answer? Cutting off your guest to explain a game he produced instead of allowing him to speak seems baffling.

  5. I really developed a dislike for Adam from this interview, I must say. I get enough White Guilt from Tumblr, exoticisim wasn’t exclusively an American thing, as a historian, he should know better and be able to set his judgements aside, especially as a vanguard of games that regularly demonize whole races so we can kill them for xp. Never be ashamed of your ancestors, no matter what color they were. They did what they thought was right and worked hard to give us what amounts to a Heaven on Earth. I wonder if he’ll be so smug when younger generations start lambasting him for his prejudices. Keep it RPPR, guys, not RPCR, please.

  6. Enjoyable as always.

    I hope Glancy gets enough Delta Green writing done this winter such that the Horrors of War kickstarter goes ahead for summer 2014.

  7. Haters gonna hate. I, on the other hand, have been inspired by Mr. Glancy to put together my own historical CoC adventure. I’ll be about Confederate soldiers right after the surrender of the South battling a blood-drinking monster worshipped by slaveowners at an abandoned plantation.

    How’s that for white guilt?

  8. Hey, I just checked out “The Thing on the Fourble Board.” Good stuff! And there’s a bonus bit at the end by what sounds like Peter Lorre, doing a Poe-esque monologue.

  9. Decided I was going to look up Rebirth Island for an idea, and I think the horror is imminent. According to Google looks like the land bridge has made landfall.

  10. Inspiring episode! Watched Beneath Hill 60, was what I wanted Birdsong (another WWI movie featuring tunnels) to be. I kept thinking of a listener letter from back in the day where the listener had some questions about a game he was running (duh) but the game was set during the revolutionary war featuring Wizards. And now I’m like, yes. But I think the 1812 White house bombing featuring British Wizards is the scenario I’m looking to develop. Prolly going to use BRP and just keep things extremely lethal and ponderous.

  11. ASG said Blake & Mortimer TV show is British – it was made by Ellipse, a French company

  12. Re: Blake & Mortimer- “I did not know that.”

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