RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 07

In this session, the Water Barons confront a dangerous beast that stalks the colony. It has killed and terrorized the simple workers of the colony and no one dares to venture outside the protective walls of the colony. Find out who pays the ultimate price to stop the beast!

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  1. oh hells yeah, thanks for posting a new podcast tonight! i am tired and need somthing to keep me up!

  2. Is it Lord Herrington or Carrington or are there 2 NPCs with a similar name?

  3. Author

    There are 2 nobles, one named harrington and the other carrington.

  4. Ross, any more New World sessions in the pipeline? Are you gonna introduce classes from the PHB 2 into your game?

  5. Author

    We just played session 17 tonight, so yeah we do have more. One player joined and took sorcerer but that was only in the last 4 sessions.

  6. Nice. You know, those primal classes would make excellent new world antagonists. The savages must fight back.

  7. You can post the episodes faster(!), we won’t complain. I spend a lot of time commuting and these are some of the best entertainment around.

  8. Mnn. I was glad to hear that Dan was back and Vashek (sp?) almost rocking Sir Redgar was classic.

  9. The high point of this episode was when Ross fucked his players by telling them (as the dragon flew away) that he was down to two (yes, count them with me… one, two) hit points. That’s just all the way wrong! Also, it never seems like anybody really accumulates anything of real value… I mean, you earn a 1,000 gold pieces and then you have to waste your treasure raising two no-name npcs… Come on guys! Did the crew of the enterprise ever go back for the no name dudes who were killed on the alien planet they happened to beam down to? Did anybody mourn ole mister yellow shirt when he was sucked out the airlock during a fight with the romulans? I’m just saying that it was a first level fucking gripolli!!!! You let him die!!! Why waste the money bringing him back to life!? I know what you guys are gonna say “It’s because we LOVE the gripolli Pat!” Okay, okay, I understand the psychology of it all, but I’m just saying!

  10. Went here for the AP podcast and boy, was it good! I enjoyed Ross’s mad improv skills and voice acting. Lots of good tips for a newbie DM like myself. Sound quality is also good, unlike some others I’ve seen on other sites where I can barely make out what people are saying. Keep this up guys–it’s tremendously entertaining!

    Also, is it just me or did I just hear a Buffy reference in there? “Cordelia” and “Harrington”, lol.

  11. How did you justify bringing someone back from the dead when you worship The Raven Queen?

  12. It appears as though this episode and episode 3 have no download link?

  13. I just started playing D&D with my kids after a 13 year break. This is inspiring stuff. Is there anyway I can get involved with RPPR? My email is mccormick180@gmail.com

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