RPPR Episode 184: Vtubers and Tabletop RPGs in Japan

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Synopsis: Over the last year, Shaun has become a fan of vtubers, a new type of performer on streaming services like Twitch and Youtube. They use custom face rig animation software to look like cartoon characters while they chat and play various games. Many vtubers have gotten into tabletop RPGs, Many vtubers are Japanese and their RPG habits are quite different. This article from Dicebreaker helps explain.

Shout Outs

  • Psycho Goreman: a hilarious Monsters and Other Childish Things-stylized horror comedy movie. A must-see for RPPR fans!
  • Ask a Mortician: A mortician and Youtuber who answers questions about death.
  • Superliminal: a puzzle game based on optical illusions.
  • Tasting History: A Youtube channel focused on food history
  • Survival Skills: an unnerving film themed around 1980s police training videos.
  • Demon Wind: an over the top horror movie from 1990.
  • The Last Spell: a tactical combat RPG roguelike with town building elements.

Song: My Valentine has shiny eyes by Darkness

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  1. In the Calliope + Ironmouse collab, they talked about how they’d love to roleplay together.
    With Calli busy running the Hunter game for HololiveEN, she raised the idea of trying a one-shot/3-session short game, so you might have a chance to run something for assorted vTubers should you get in contact.

  2. Shaun and I have startlingly similar YouTube tastes

  3. The comment on Red Dragon/Chaos Dragon is incorrect, but only technically. Gen Urobuchi wrote Fate/Zero, the FSN prequel light novel (and also lots of other good stuff, Psychopass, Thunderbolt Fantasy); the original author for the FSN Visual Novel was Kinoko Nasu… who was also part of that RPG/Replay series.

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