The Mixed Six: Hot Takes on Ice – The Flash

The Flash is a spectacularly bad movie. Caleb, Spencer, and I got together to discuss exactly WHY it was so bad. I was part of a podcast called The Mixed Six for nearly 6 years. I had a blast making it and I’m proud of the episodes we made. It ended a year ago, but we came back together recently to record a reunion special episode. This is Hot Takes on Ice, a shorter podcast we did on a single take. I’m sharing it here because I think if you missed the Mixed Six when we were making on a regular basis, now is the perfect time to binge the series. I’ve mirrored the entire catalogue of the podcast on so you can listen to regular episodes, formerly Patreon-exclusive episodes, and mini episodes like Hot Takes on Ice. We’ll have a full new episode out on Monday.

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All of the main episodes are here.

All of the Patreon bonus episodes are here.

All of the Hot Takes on Ice and other mini-episodes and specials are here.

Join the Mixed Six Discord Server, now open to the public to discuss this episode and catch up with the community.

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