RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 4

Rejoice! Game 4 of the RPPR 4E Dungeons and Dragons New World campaign is here! The party has to deal with the horde of goblins migrating to the new world as they are threatening their grippli allies! Plus, romance, orc migration, intrigue and a daring escape from a goblin ship. Oh and loads of profanity, banter and violence. Sweet, sweet violence.

This episode brought to you by RPGNow. GM day is March 4 and they have a big sale going on all week with tons of titles at 25% off or more.

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  1. I hate the fourth fourth too Balgron.

  2. Ross it might just be me but I can’t find the file for the actual play. It doesn’t look like you posted it below where you usually do; just wondering.

  3. Author

    AAAA. Goddamn podpress. It’s on the feed and it should now show up on the main site.

  4. another awesome AP guys. I find that with less players the game becomes much more focused. This one had some good RP. once again t the frog people force the players into noble action even though they themselves are so ignoble

  5. Actually I think Tom’s character is very noble as you all will see with later sessions, but it’s the conflict of the player and character that cracks me up about his situation. It’s somewhat of a rare experience not to see Tom play a evil deceitful cultist of some sort.

  6. Playing the archetypal ultra-noble, honorable character can be really boring, though. It’s no surprise that most people prefer to play scoundrels. I’m playing a dragonborn in a game right now, and I’m doing everything I can to add flavor in order to off-set the rigidity of being fixated on honor. :/

  7. Balgron is my all-time favorite character. He is just the best.

  8. Two more things I want to mention:

    1) I think it is funny that we talk about the moral decline of my character now, but listen to this session! There was never any place to begin to decline from.

    2) Tom vs. Me. Still gives me chills. What a great moment.

  9. I love the frogs!

    “We have explored as far as the eye can see…all the way past that beach there.”

    It really is like talking to my five-year-old.

  10. Awww too bad you didn’t have a secret meeting with the guard captain aka the catalyst or consult with your friendly goblin chieftain to make sure the other tribes stay weaker

  11. Was I the only one who recognized Knu-Kyle Ra (Knuckles the Third) and realized that I’m a huge geek.

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