RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 11

In order to celebrate the success of the second RPPR ransom the Goblin Hulk, we’ll post the next episode of The New World Campaign. In this game, we introduce a new player, Mike, who takes over the NPC warforged named Watcher. The Water Barons have learned of the thieves guild’s stronghold and now must march on it with their ragtag army. Can they survive the dangerous wilderness with their army intact or will the many traps, hazards and wandering monsters stop them before they can even fight the guild?

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  1. Really enjoyed the episode. As always, the guys cracked me up. I especially enjoyed Cody’s origin story on Bukkake… That was enlightening! Looking forward to the battle, it’s gonna be epic. The absolute highlight of the session (or lowlight, depending on your vantage) was the explanation for The Shelock Holmes! That was pure, unscripted brilliance! Brighteyes was a pretty good twist too. He might prove to be an interesting NPC. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Lots of fun to listen to.

  3. Got around to finishing it, wow. Favorite part was “That’s Impossible!”
    2nd was Cassius trying to console/bully Kel.

  4. Bright Eyes is awesome… Mostly becuase a Gnome Charlton Heston makes me laugh out loud.

  5. I laughed myself stupid during the last hour half of this one. Giants are always a great chance to have fun and Ross did an amazing job.

    The verbal fight regarding AxeGore’s little legal trick was great.

    I like forward to hearing more from Mike, he brings a different method to the game.

  6. This series has inspired me to start my own 4th ed campaign.. first time as a DM.. I’m trying to incorporate all the tips and tricks i can from listening to the show, but I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes. Mike is great! Keep ’em coming!

  7. I have been following these game sessions since the begining and always anxiously await the next one, 6 months behind comeon Ross.

    I always enjoy them and spend my time bewtween shaking my head, laughing out loud, wnating to reach in and strangle you for for lazy battle playing (you could have saved the lieutenant by killing the dragon if you remembered to have him attack each round 1pt left comeon) and taking the head phones off as the game play goes off the deep end.

    Needless to say this session was no different

  8. I was a pretty big Final Fantasy 8 fan. My legal (middle but preferred) name is Locke, so I get a lot of FF6 and Lost references. While those occasionally frustrate me, I do enjoy the occasional moment when the character name is used in these actual plays and I perk up, wondering if I’ve somehow connected to Skype without remembering.

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