RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 13

The Paragon Tier begins!

A year has passed since the destruction of the thieves’ guild. The Water Barons now control Border Town, the second settlement of the colonial government. With their new power comes new challenges and new allies. A dragonborn sorcerer joins their ranks, played by Bill. What else happens? You need to listen to find out.

The New World Campaign has continued on the RPPR Actual Play Podcast. Get a complete episode listing here.

You can check out episode 14 here.

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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for putting this up today. I just back to work from an outbreak of swine flu, and this actual play was the reason I was able to get through work without going nuts. Always enjoy the D&D actual plays. 🙂 Thanks!!!!


  3. Thanks guys!
    I’ve been sick with the swine flu, and have listened to the ENTIRE New World campaign (Just finished 12 last night) and I was really hoping 13 was coming out soon.
    Thanks again, I know things are easy for you right now Ross, but it means alot to us when you release these, their hillarious, and very educational at the same time.

  4. Ross, can we have the nonalcoholic dwarf as a regular NPC?

  5. Hahaha, I meant “things are hard for you right now”, my bad.

  6. Wow! Fullhouse!
    And yeah I’m wondering how they’ll get Mordecai to come visit Cortez.

    I really like the way Mike runs Watcher, just muscling around.

    And welcome back New World campaign! thanks ross!

  7. Thanks for the great role playing! There were times I laughed so hard I thought I’d bust a lung. I’m a relatively new DM and your campaign is giving me lots of great ideas. I want to second what Raynor23 said, the nonalcoholic dwarf MUST come back as a regular NPC, complete with puny voice. He’s an instant hit. I played that segment for my party and they loved it. Speaking of that, I’m using your podcast for teaching purposes. I had a new player join who was skilled at the combat side of things (from minis games) but truly sucked at role playing. After listening to your podcast he had lots of great ideas. Thanks, and keep this campaign alive! I can’t wait for you next installment.

  8. Is this their last game for the new world campaign?

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