RPPR Episode 180: Deep Red and Interpreting Clues

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Synopsis: Caleb and I have recently watched the classic Argento film, Deep Red, and it sparked a discussion on investigative games. It demonstrates the challenge of interpreting clues versus finding clues. It also shows the perils of chasing red herrings. If you’ve struggled to run a good mystery game, especially a Gumshoe Engine game, this episode is for you!

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  1. really enjoyed the discussion about the movie and the nature of clues. you guys might consider checking out the beast of graenseskov, an alternative entry adventure to the curse of strahd campaign available on dmsguild; it’s got just the kind of clue/red herring structure to its central mystery you were envisioning, where clues can lead to wrong conclusions while simultaneously moving the investigators towards the truth — besides being a heck of a great module

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