Episode 189: Plundering the Public Domain

The public domain expanded this year and Caleb and I dive into it to find gameable material. Anyone can use these books, images, or music, for whatever project they can imagine. I found a list of characters from pulp fiction magazines with such interesting heroes like the vigilante Crimson Clown, and a group of French boy scouts who explore the hollow earth.

News: We’re doing a weekly livestreams on Twitch and Youtube! The first episode is available publicly here. We’ll be looking at RPGs on DrivethruRPG and other sites for the best and the weirdest. If you miss the livestream, the videos will be available for RPPR patrons to watch whenever you want.

Check out Caleb’s Dead Channels Patreon for a Delta Green campaign, Insolent Impulse. I’m playing in it!

Shout Outs

  • Inscryption: A roguelike deck building and escape room puzzle video game.
  • Berserk: legendary dark fantasy manga series
  • LuLaRIch: A mini series about the MLM company LuLaRoe
  • Sifu: A martial arts action game with amazing combat
  • The Power of the Dog: a movie about outsiders in the West
  • For All Mankind: An alternate historical drama about the Space Race
  • All of Us Are Dead: A Korean zombie teen drama show with Red Markets vibes
  • Raccoon Sky Pirates: a new indie RPG about raccoons with a sky ship pulling off a heist.

List of public domain websites

song: The World is Waiting for the Sunrise

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