RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 09

Meet Pontifex. The tribes of the New World call him Grandfather for he is older than any living creature. He has slaughtered entire tribes, commands all to do his bidding if need be, yet no tribal thinks to slay him or even hate him. What point is there in warring or hating a force of such power that it might as well be a hurricane or an earthquake? The Water Barons meet Pontifex for the first time in this session.

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  1. A little nod to Biff Bam, Nice Tom!

  2. Cody and Ross’ Monster Ballad commercial imitation… enough to make this cast gold on its own.

    I love your Lich NPC Pontifex, good role play

  3. Is there any reason that these are bi-weekly? It seems they’re behind by a few months.

  4. Author

    It basically boils down to ‘I am lazy’. I am redesigning the site and figuring out how to add a second AP feed for all the AP episodes that are not New World related.

  5. I love listening to the pod casts at work. It makes the day go by faster listening to a good game.

  6. so when are you gonna posts those M&M AP’s?

  7. Was Cody’s character naked when he was chatting with the Pontifex/Liche Lord person? I find the thought of a naked wizard disturbing… and what the hell was Cordelia/What’s Her Name doing while the naked guy and the undead dude were chatting and striking deals on the beach!?

  8. Author

    Cordelia was asleep and I assume Locke was dressed although I doubt the lich cared too much one way or the other.

  9. Oh hi, Pontifex.

  10. Hmmm, I don’t know Ross. It all sounds kind of sketchy to me. 😛
    Two words, five syllables (I think): SCREAMING PELICAN!

  11. I assumed that Pontefix cast something on her to make her sleep or Locke put something in her drink so she would . . . ahem . . . sleep better . . .

    I also believe that Locke was naked while talking to Pontefix, but neither were embaressed because one is undead and the other is a raging pervert.

  12. Cody, that’s what I mean, Ross never actually mentioned Locke being dressed or not!! Now he’s back tracking! Come on, the Pontifex had to have been thinking “Is this dude naked!? Ohhhh man, I’m undead, and this is weirrddd!” Or perhaps the Pontifex was thinking “OHHHHhhhh yeah!” which could make for an interesting plot element if Ross was willing to explore the homoerotic undertones of this “bargain” between Locke and the Pontifex… That would be some funny shit!

  13. Author

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont remember why dont you go write a fanfic about it

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