RPPR Episode 142: Fallen Flag Post Mortem

We recently finished posting Fallen Flag, a Red Markets campaign, so I got Caleb, David, Shaun, and Faust together to discuss it. We talk about everything from creating the enclave to individual character arcs. If you haven’t caught up with Fallen Flag, check out our campaign page, which links all of the episodes. I’ll get Tom and Aaron to discuss the campaign in a segment in a future RPPR episode.

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  1. Great commentary on one of my favorite RPPR campaigns. Red Markets really suits Ross’ GMing style as well as Caleb’s – the complications were just fantastic in Fallen Flag.

    The characters were strong throughout, and the sense of “not really liking each other but hanging in there to get the job done” provided some tension. The tone shift when you flashed back to plan out Two Banners (and everyone still liked each other more) worked great.

    I can see why the players were less pleased but I absolutely loved it when Taxes showed up at the end. I also had some inkling about Half’s ending from reading the GroupMe before listening to the finale. So when everyone (except Albatro) survived the amusement park, I felt terrible – because I knew some of the characters would be ground down afterwards rather than going out in a blaze of glory. That really fits Red Markets, I think – even if you make the Mr. JOLS and win the lottery, your life can still fall apart afterwards.

    I know you all played a lot of Red Markets for playtesting, but I am always down to hear more of it. The one-shots are great fun, but the characters really come to life in the campaigns.

  2. I dunno, man, Tom just makes his characters what can you do nothing wrong with them having a beater is a good thing to have.
    I am curious about Macready as well this was a great episode and wrap up to a wonderful campaign.

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